Nurse Call Systems

  • 1142 Radio

    Nurse Call System

    A6543: 1142 Radio/Wired Wall Mounted Master Panel

    The CAUK 1142 Master panel is simple to install. The 1142 is a plug and play system that supports up to 50 call units. Radio range up to 80M indoor and 200M outdoor. Radio repeaters are available.

    System Features

    • The display is easy to view at distance using OLED technology.
    • Supports up to 50 CAUK call points radio or Wired.
    • Supports different levels of alerts with different tones and messages.
    • Calls can be cancelled at source or at the panel.
    • Stand-by PSU options available.
    • Can display multiple alerts.
    • A switched output to trigger third parts systems or CAUK remote lamp and sounder.
    • A ‘NIGHT’ mode to lower alert volume during the night.
    • A ‘MUTE’ button to silence the alert for a set period of time.
    • RSSI radio signal test mode & Silent test mode.

    Radio Call units

    1150 Wall call/emergency unit.

    • Radio button has two levels of call.
    • Pull cord and triangle as standard
    • CR123A batteries that can last up to two years and are easy to change.
    • Low battery alerts transmitted to the master panel.

    1124 Ceiling pull switch

    • Radio pull switch with cord and two triangles.
    • CR123A batteries that can last up to two years and are easy to change by unclipping the front lens.
    • Low battery alerts.

    1122 Portable panic button

    • Radio button that can have two levels of call.
    • CR123A batteries that can last up to two years and are easy to change.
    • Low battery alerts.

    Used in many types of buildings:

    • Small Nursing Homes
    • Independent living
    • Respite care
    • Hospitals
    • Hospices
    • Medical recovery units

    Installation guide

    The 1142 radio nurse call system is very simple to install.

    The “1142 Radio nurse call system overview” diagram shows how simple the various devices can be added.

    When installing the radio system, a little care is needed when positioning the components. Avoid installing radio products near metal cabinets, lifts shafts & large metal structures.

    Please note; traditional brick and timber construction will generally allow greater range than reinforced concrete structures.

    The 1142 has a silent test mode which also incorporates a RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator). This will display the signal level from the transmitting radio call unit. This important feature ensures that installation is easy and that the call units are within range. It is recommended that the radio call units are tested in their proposed location before permanently fixing them to the walls or furniture.

    Radio repeater

    When the radio signal strength is below the recommended RSSI level, there are 1123 radio signal repeaters available that are simple to install.

    1142 Radio Nurse Call System Overview

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