Medical Queuing Systems

  • 1100 Digital

    Medical Queuing System

    A6356: 1102 Wall Mounted Digital Panel

    The CAUK 1102 Digital display panel is simple to install. The 1102 plugs into the CAUK custom RJ45 socket (A4164) that is wired to the 1100 (A6400). controller. Can be used as a receptionist controlled system or as a patient call system with consulting room desk consoles.

    System Features

    • The 100 mm high LCD characters are easy to view at distance.
    • Internal speaker for the recorded voice announcements.
    • Instructs patients which room to go to.
    • Receptionist public address as standard.
    • Panic buttons on the desk units as standard.
    • Meets the Equality Act with visual and audio patient call requests.
    • Ideal for walk-in centres.
    • Stand-by PSU options available.
    • Attractive stainless steel housing.
    • The announcements are stored on a SD card and can easily be updated.
    • Ideal for all types of waiting rooms

    A5178: 1103 Receptionist master console

    This unit is used by the “booking in” staff to call for the next client from the waiting room. This unit also identifies the location of staff panic alarms and to make public address announcements, useful if the call forward request fails.

    • A panic button is included as standard.
    • Will print queuing tickets at the reception desk if required.

      Size (mm): 196 L x 150 W x 48 D

      A1095: Ticket printer

      The printer is usually positioned near the entrance where it is wall mounted with a large sign asking visitors to press the button, take the ticket and sit down to await their number being called.

      • Pedestal versions available.
      • Very low cost tickets
    Used in many types of buildings:

    • Walk-in Centres
    • Hospitals
    • Health & Medical Centres
    • Clinics
    • Dentists
    • Phlebotomy units
    • Benefit Offices


    1100 Wired Digital

    Medical Queuing System


    The 1100 Series wired queuing system is simple to install. Cat5e cable is wired in a loop to all the units on the system, usually to RJ45 sockets. All the components are supplied with patch leads to provide flexibility. The 1100 master processing unit and audio amplifier should be fitted in a secure room, to which all the cable loops should terminate. Waiting room speakers are also wired to the 1100 mpu with 0.75 twin flex. The SD card stores the WAV files with the recorded real voice announcements. When updates are required it is a simple change over with the new SD for old and the jobs done.


    The 1100 system has a built in panic button facility, it just needs the panic buttons fitting, such as the wall button shown on the right as well as an under desk version. When the 1142 desk console is fitted the over door wait/enter lamp can be fitted.


    On arrival the visitor will be prompted to press a button at the printer station and get a numbered queuing ticket. A large notice will advise them to go and sit in the waiting room.

    As tickets are issued they are added to the receptionists console. This number is displayed on the bottom line of the 1103 display. Each time a visitor is called forward by the receptionist to enter them into the appointment book the last number called is displayed on the top line of the 1103 display.

    The 1103 has an UP & a DOWN button, to call the next visitor the receptionist presses the up button and the display changes to the next number in the queue and then they press the CALL button. A ding dong tone is sounded in the waiting room and the called ticket number appears on the waiting room display with the recorded audio announcement. The pedestal shown on the right is an option. Other styles are available.

    Installed at:

    • St Mary’s Hospital Paddington A & E Dept.
    • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynne
    • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich Phlebotomy Dept.
    • Norwich NHS Walk-in Centre
    • Saltley Health Centre Birmingham
    • Dr Hamid’s Surgery Rochdale


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